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Experimenting with transparency

Falling animals bookmarks, for sale at AWA! To pair with the falling food bookmarks. Enjoy, these were a ton of fun!







Breaking news: The D.C. Appeals Court just killed Net Neutrality.

This could be the end of the Internet as we know it. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality: http://bit.ly/1iOOjoe

they want to make the internet like tv. with channels and paying to get to specific websites and things. net neutrality = not doing that

This impacts every internet user. Please signal boost the hell out of this and sign the petition if you are American

I do not reblog things like this very often, but this affects me both personally and my business as a freelance artist.

In the economy here; cash is already strapped as it is. You bet your ass companies would suck the ever living life out of misc. art sites.

I don’t want it to ever come down to me choosing between groceries or purchasing a new tier package via comcast to be able to access tumblr or DeviantArt (let alone not guaranteeing I’ll even be seen by my customer base since they may not want to pay out their asses either). It doesn’t seem important to most, but I do 90% of my business online entirely.

Please sign up, fight for this and share it with your followers/friends/family and urge them to give them hell as well.

Not writing related, but this is incredibly important. While we pay for service via ISPs, the internet has been a relatively free space where everyone, no matter their income level, is able to connect, access a wealth of information, and express themselves. The Internet has become a major part of our culture as human beings and the notion that ISPs might be able to limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more is utterly sickening. A lot of us are cash strapped as is, and I’d rather not be limited even more by someone else’s greed. Net Neutrality is essential and I hope you guys will understand why it needs to remain.


P.S. Signal boost this if you’re able.

“ limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more”

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more


We are the Crystal Gems!

Finally starting the outer senshi!


Hey guys! I’m selling a GIANT (not super giant) 20” x 30” drawing of this stained glass Legend of Zelda Windwaker art piece at Otakon 2014 Art Show! It’s gonna be up for bid so just letting you guys know in advanced for those of you who are interested!!! :D

My roomate is so awesome!!

Poster that I did for the upcoming ValorCon (it’s going to be live next year, not this year anymore): A convention that supports equality and diversity amongst all gamers, including for women, LGBT, colored, and disabled gamers. It was a real honor to be able to design their poster for them!

One of my favorite scenes from Spirited Away.


Got a few requests for prints and compilation posts of these guys, so here is the first set!

Prints can be found here 

Lol dragonballs

I just wanted to draw a fish person


Oscar nominees Best Animated Feature 2014

Earlier today this article was brought to my attention, in which it becomes clear that some of the Academy voters have little to no respect for the animation industry. They openly admit not having watched the nominated films and/or claiming that animated films are for kids, so they didn’t vote. Even the ones shown in the article that did vote barely motivated their choice.

I find this extremely disrespectful of the animators who poured their heart and soul into making these movies, only to have their work be pushed aside without a second glance by the judges of one of the most prominent and well known film awards out there. As an aspiring animator, I am deeply insulted.

Please note that in this post I am expressing no opinion on whether Frozen should have won or not. I think it’s a wonderful film, just as all the other nominees. I am simply saying that we deserve better.

What they did is disrespectful to the creators of every single one of these films, even Frozen. By barely motivating their choice, they make it look like they voted for Frozen simply because of Disney’s status in the industry. Because it’s Disney, and it made a lot of money, so it had to be at least somewhat good. To me it seems like some of the voters just defaulted to voting for the Disney film, and nobody likes to win by default.

Don’t get me wrong, I too have been guilty of loving Disney simply because it’s Disney, but there is so much more beautiful animation out there and it deserves to be taken into consideration. And if Frozen won, it should have won because the majority of the voters thought it was the best film, not because part of the voters was too lazy to even watch the nominated films.


Crayon Crunch of February ! 

It’s Lauren’s character, Norovirus ! 

Ahhh my goodness, this is so wonderful!! I may not be able to get over this for a long time. Thanks Melanie!

February submission for Hurtanminttu, it’s Anna, the alkali warrior-princess shrew! This was my first sub, and a lot of fun.

Generation 6 lazy starters! More from gen  to come soon~